Resonance is what happens when we string a chord and another string on the intruments starts to swing along. And it does that because it is on kind of the same wave lengeth (I know it is not absolutly correct, I apologize to all physicists) as the other.

We resonate with each other, we are able to feel what other people are feeling and were they are feeling it, in our body- some people more, some less.

Resonance and high sensitivity

If you are highly sensitive then you will probably be someone who resonantes much more. And if that is the case you might easier get overwhelmed by what you feel. And since you swing along, you might not even know, that what you are feeling is not your feeling, but comes from someone else. That makes it so much harder to know what you want/ need and what your own true feelings are.

On the otherhand, when we cut ourself off from resonance with others, out of fear, overwhelm, hurt, shame… we are not able to properly interact. That creates dissonance, and the piece of music we create together in that state will hardly be nice to listen to.

But if we are in tune with ourselfs and are able to play our melody while still hearing the melodies of the other instruments in the orchestra of your realtionships, then magic happens.

My focus is on how we resonate with other people, allowing us to get touched by their melodies, while staying in tune with our hearts desires.

That is why I created these pages and my blog. Because I want to share my experiences and help you make it easier to play your part fully in the song of life.